Volunteer Opportunities

While it’s true that our city will be adding its first 2 career positions, the majority of our roster will remain volunteer. Having a “deep bench” is so important and we are facing the same shortages as every volunteer department in the entire country. We’re here to turn chaos to control and train to be ready for our neighbors’ emergencies.

If you think you have what it takes to respond at a moments notice, reach out to us at huntsfd@gmail.com or your local department for more information.

All prospective members to the HFD must fill out an application that lists pertinent background information. The information contained in this application is solely for the use of HFD, and shall not be distributed or displayed to any party outside the administration of the HFD. After a verification of a clean background check the prospective member will be called in for an interview. At that time the prospective member can be granted membership if positions are available or put on a waiting list for membership.

The following are the prerequisites for membership as a volunteer firefighter:

1. Be at least 18 years of age.

2. No felony convictions or pending felony court action

3. No excessive traffic violations or misdemeanor convictions for theft.

4. Must hold and maintain a valid AR driver’s license

5. Must not be retired due to a Worker’s Comp related injury.

6. Must live within the HFD response district or have special exception made by the Fire Chief.